31 Jul 2019

Blades for YIN & Takatori cutters PremiumLine\

PremiumLine\ class , now available at special prices. We offer blades for all YIN & TAKATORI cutters , available in versions BasicLine & PremiumLine TAKATORI/YIN Knife GW-10340 132 x 1,5…

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Bullmer 105935
09 Jul 2018

Blades for Bullmer cutters PremiumLine

Premium class , now available at promotional prices. We offer blades for all Bullmer cutter models , available in versions BasicLine & PremiumLine 169 x 1,5 x 7 / 5…

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22 Mar 2018

Bristle block for cutters

One manufacturer , best prices and a unique quality , nylon and poly bristles. Application for: Kuris, Gerber, Bullmer, Investronica, Unicut, Serkon, Orox, FK and Lectra cutters. BULLMER Bristle Block…

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Kongsberg, Zund, Teseo, Lectra, Bullmer, Atom, Comelz, Aristo,
02 Oct 2017

Sharpening blades for Kongsberg, Zund, Teseo, Lectra, Bullmer, etc.

We provide professional sharpening services for carbide blades , maintaining their original blade geometry. Our service conducts sharpening and regeneration of tools, which includes assessment of quality and consumption status….

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Gerber GTXL
22 Sep 2017

Parts for Gerber cutters

Spare parts for Gerber cutters High-quality spare parts for cutters Gerber, Zund, Lectra, Bullmer, etc. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying parts. The advanced production technology ensures high…

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Nóź Durkopp Adler 0867 330270
04 Sep 2017

Upper knife for Durkopp Adler 0867 330270

Upper knife  for Drukopp Adler 0867 for sewing machines –  available at promo prices. If you are looking for spare parts for sewing machines we are happy to share our…

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Blade for Kuris 64111
03 Feb 2017

Rotary blade HM for Kuris (64111 / 81556)

High-tech rotary blade with HM/Carbide for textile , dimensions Ø 30 or Ø 44 x 1 mm, now – available in extended life version (LongLife) Application: Kuris cutter, Material: Carbide CT/…

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Blade Z53
12 Sep 2016

New blade Z53 for Zund, Bullmer, iEcho, Esko, Aristo, Kuris

New circular knife with highest quality carbide for Drive Rotary Tool and Power Rotary Tool.  It is applied in cutting textile, aramid fibers and glass fibers (also in LongLife type) Cutting…

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Osełka Pathfinder Unicut
31 Aug 2016

Sharpening stone for Pathfinder i Unicut cutters (gold)

Made in a unique technology to improve performance and endurance. At now available at a promotional price.  Therefore particularly welcome to the test. Application: Pathfinder and Unicut cutters   If…

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Conveyor belt , Cutting underlay
15 Jul 2016

Cutting underlays & Conveyor belts

We make cutting underlays and conveyor belts for cutters, plotters and cnc machines. Underlay and conveyor belts we prepared to desired size. High quality, specially prepared for highest quality of…

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