22 Jun 2016

Strengthened blade RB28 C Long Life

Blade with a diameter 28mm with highly improved life – Long Life Blade thickness: 0.3 mm, Diameter: 28mm, Blade RB28 C TIN is the ideal tool for cutting fabrics, leather,…

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07 Jun 2016

Blade Z42C Long Life

Top-quality blade Z42C LONG LIFE – coated titanium in order to further extend the quality and life.  Applicable in : Zund, iEcho, Lectra MFC, Humantec, Bullmer, Raptor, Blackman & White….

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Lectra VT2500
23 May 2016

Best blade for Lectra VT2500 – Long Life – with carbide TC/HM

Repeatedly more stronger than the standard blade with HSS (high speed steel).  Material: Best quality Hard Metal (HM) or TIN & HSS Applicable in: Lectra cutters Dimensions: 89 x 1.5…

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Teseo cutter
25 Apr 2016

Blades \ Lame for TESEO cutter

Made of high-quality carbide.  Application in Teseo cutters. At now available also in PVD version (LongLife)   If we managed to arouse your interest in the product, please contact us…

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Gerber Taurus XD
18 Apr 2016

New blade for Gerber Taurus

Now available – made in new technology

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Messer Z50C, Z51C, Z52C
16 Apr 2016

Titanium Blade Z50, Z51, Z52 (Zund, Bullmer, iEcho, Esko, Aristo, Kuris)

Decagonal (10-sided) rotary blades – Additionally strengthened  (LongLife) for cutters : Zund , Bullmer Premiumcut , iEcho , Kuris , Kongsberg, Aristo, Raptor, Blackman&White Cutting depth : 3,5 – 7,0…

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08 Mar 2016

Blade for Kuris Cutty

Higher quality – VHM carbide – now in a new, lower price. Applicable in : Kuris Cutty 2317   If we managed to arouse your interest in the product, please…

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Zund Z12 , Zund Z11
20 Dec 2015

Blade Z12 & Z13 for Zund, Bullmer, Kongsberg, Lasercomb , iEcho etc.

Double Z10 & Z11 blade, made of high-quality carbide. Application : cloth, foam, film, magnetic film, PVC banners, paper, polycarbonate, tarpaulins, polyester fabrics. Cutting depth up to 4.8 mm  …

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Gerber S3200
12 Dec 2015

Sharpening discs GERBER 3200 cutter

Double sharprning disk for Gerber S3200 cutter – now at a promo price. Application: Gerber S3200 cutter If we managed to arouse your interest in the product, please contact us…

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Pathfinder Unicut cutter
19 Nov 2015

Blade for Pathfinder & Unicut cuttres – PremiumLine

New improved blade using for Pathfinder and Unicut cuttres.  At now available at a promotional price.  Used in these high quality HSS steel – ensures high strength. Dimensions: 130mm x…

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