31 Jul

Blades for YIN & Takatori cutters PremiumLine\

PremiumLine\ class , now available at special prices. We offer blades for all YIN & TAKATORI cutters , available in versions BasicLine & PremiumLine

TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10340132 x 1,5 x 8HSS
TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10341132 x 2 x 8HSS
TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10342160 x 1,6 x 8HSS
TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10343160 x 2 x 8HSS
TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10344160 x 2,5 x 8HSS
TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10345200 x 2,58 x 8HSS
TAKATORI/YINKnifeGW-10346202 x 2,5 x 8HSS

If we managed to arouse your interest in the product, please contact us on : info@gw-systems.pl

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